Why am I Running?

“I was the federal Liberal candidate in 2015 and I’m committed to running again in 2019.  Team Stebbing in Flamborough-Glanbrook came very close to winning in 2015, and we want to continue the hard work that I believe will lead us to success in 2019.  I have known for nearly 20 years that I wanted to be a Member of Parliament one day, and have been working toward that goal ever since."

My top five priorities for Flamborough-Glanbrook are:
1. Federal funding of the Waterdown by-pass;
2. Change bankruptcy laws so that pensioners are a first priority. (Currently, they rank the same as unsecured creditors);
3. Employment;
4. The environment; and
5. Sustainable development.

Jennifer Stebbing


About Jennifer

“Hamilton is one of our nation’s finest cities; that’s one of the reasons I choose to live and work here. Aside from its vibrant and growing economy, its cultural diversity, great scenery and green spaces, I believe Hamilton represents the best of what a Canadian city should be.

“Living in the fast-growing village of Waterdown, I am keenly aware of the issues faced by Flamborough-Glanbrook.

“I’m an estates lawyer at Ross & McBride LLP, one of the oldest and largest firms in Hamilton.

“I’m also an active volunteer in the community serving with groups such as the Hamilton Law Association and the Hamilton Tax Payers’ Coalition.  Most recently, I served on the board of directors of the Hamilton Port Authority. 

“In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors and rural Ontario with my husband, Alan, and our dog Percie.”